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Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) create Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), conducted and radiated, in VFD motor systems. Without the use of some type of filter or choke system, related failures will occur. Unique to the industry, Nanotech Radiated Emission Chokes (REC) absorb high frequency noise before it gets to the motor system and causes damage. By acting as a common mode choke and absorbing the damaging high frequency noise (frequencies from approximately 5MHZ-1GHz), you can maximize equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid unscheduled downtime. Nanotech REC mitigates radiated EMI issues in all VFD motors including servo and DC motors.


Number Of CT54X360HP41-100A18 Based On Cable Length

1'-150' 151'-300' 301'-450' 451'+ 
1 2 3 4



$1,457.76000 /EA
  • VFD HP : 41-100
Warehouse Qty Avail.
NJ 29

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