Keratherm Graphite S900 .150mm (Sheet Size: 600mm x Meter)
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Keratherm Graphite S900 .150mm (Sheet Size: 600mm x Meter)

Introducing Graphite S 900, a highly dense, natural graphite material renowned for its exceptional qualities. This graphite is free from binding materials and is available in the form of films or plates, offering a cost-effective alternative to conventional interface materials. With its remarkable thermal properties, Graphite S 900 exhibits anisotropy, making it particularly intriguing for head spreader applications. The thermal anisotropy, coupled with a potential weight saving of up to 30% compared to copper or aluminum materials, adds to its appeal as a versatile and efficient solution. Experience the superior performance and cost-effectiveness of Graphite S 900 as it revolutionizes thermal management in various applications.

Material: S 900
Fiberglass: No
Adhesive: No
Sheet Size: 600mm x Meter
Thickness (mm): 0.150mm
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK): 7.5 (>300 x/y)
Thermal Resistance Rth (K/W): 0.0800
Hardness Shore (00/A/D): Shore D 25-35


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  • Material : S 900
  • Fiberglass : No
  • Adhesive : No
  • Size : 600mm x Meter
  • Thickness (mm) : 0.150mm
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) : 7.5 (>300 x/y)
  • Thermal Resistance Rth (K/W) : 0.0800
  • Hardness Shore (00/A/D) : Shore D 25-35
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