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Line Filters

A line filter is the kind of electronic filter that is placed between electronic equipment and a line external to it, to attenuate conducted radio frequencies ( RFI); also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI), between the line and the equipment.

In particular, an AC Line Filter is used between the AC power line and the equipment (SMPS or an Electronic Circuit).

Types of line filters

  • A Line Filter may be incorporated in a connector. For example: 
  • An AC Line Filter may be incorporated in a modular IEC 60320 power inlet connector or Power Entry Module
  • A telephone line filter may be incorporated in a modular RJ11 connector
  • A line filter may be mounted on a PCB
  • An AC line filter may be a stand-alone device, chassis mounted inside the equipment
  • A facility AC Line Filter is mounted inside a room or cabinet, at the point where the AC power comes in.

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