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Powder Cores

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About Powder Cores

Powder cores are distributed air gap cores made from ferrous alloy powders for low losses at high frequencies. Small air gaps distributed evenly throughout the cores increase the amount of DC that can be passed though the winding before core saturation occurs. Molybdenum permalloy powder (MPP) cores are excellent as low loss inductors for switch-mode power supplies, switching regulators and noise filters. High Flux and Sendust powder cores are better choice for the power factor correction (PFC), switching regulator inductors, in-line noise filters, pulse and flyback transformers, and many other application required for low losses at high frequencies.

MH&W International is a highly specialized and leading distributor of many types of soft magnetic powder cores of Molybdenum Permalloy (MPP), High Flux, Sendust and Mega Flux core materials, which are mainly used for inductors and transformers requiring the low losses and inductance stability under high DC bias conditions. The fully standardized production under strict quality control from raw materials (nickel, iron, molybdenum, aluminum and silicon) to finished products enables MH&W to reduce the variations in product quality making it possible to maintain a guaranteed level of quality.