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Standard Films

Relatively thin and hard films made from a variety of materials with added fillers to increase the thermal conductivity. The main application for these type of thermal interface materials is as the interface between flat and smooth surfaces such as chips and heat sinks.

  • The thermal conductivity ranges between 1 and 6.5 W/mK covering a wide range of performance options.
  • The typical thickness is between 0.1 mm and 0.3 mm. As a consequence they are not capable of closing any gaps larger than that caused by waviness of the surfaces or tolerance stack up.
  • The hardness is measured on the Shore A scale with values in the 50 -100 range. While they do compress, they need higher compression forces to achieve optimal contact between the various surfaces.
  • They show good electrical isolation performance in the 4 – 30 kV/mm dielectric breakdown voltage range.

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Standard films have a smooth surface in order to ensure that there is no entrapped air that would interfere the heat transfer between the component and the heat sink. The material compensates microscopic irregularities on the contact surfaces, which improves the thermal interface and therefore increases the heat dissipation.


  • good insulation properties
  • heat-conductive
  • good compressibility
  • fully crosslinked
  • flexible
  • environmental friendly
  • RoHS conformance


  • power supplies
  • automotive, engine controllers
  • LCD displays
  • white goods
  • audio and video components
  • power converters


  • smooth surface
  • very good properties even at very low contact pressure
  • low hardness
  • high self-adhesion without adhesive coating
  • UL listed

Film Options

  • single-sided adhesive surface
  • single-sided adhesive coating possible
  • can be supplied on sheets or as already punched goods