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With the high packing density of power semiconductors, transistor chips and discrete components, etc., the generated heat has to be conducted away as efficiently as possible. MH&W has solutions for almost every type of heat problem and application by offering films, adhesive tapes, thermal grease, gap fillers and other material forms from a variety of manufacturers.


We carry thermal films, tapes, gap fillers, grease, graphite and more. Take a note of our specialty materials like silicone-free material, PCM (phase change materials), Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Gap Filler Liquid. We have what you need to solve your thermal problems.

Find materials and cut to size parts from Kerafol, CSC (Chang Sung), GES and eAPUS.


MH&W is ready to help you solve your tricky thermal problems by providing:

  • Thermal prediction of performance
  • Material selection
  • Prototyping
  • Samples


Our dedicated and professional Sales and Service team is ready to assist you from prototype to production.

From samples to materials, finished products and supply chain management everywhere on the globe we have the experience and know how to assist you.