VFD Application Core Selection Guide


CoolBLUE® cores per horsepower and cable length

Power Range (hp)*1/4-1011-5051-100101-428429-16311632+
Cable Length# Cores# Cores# Cores# Cores# Cores# Cores

Note 1 – Data above is for information/guideline purposes.
Note 2 – All cables/phases must travel through the CoolBLUE® cores. NaLA® cores are installed around each individual power cable, regardless of how many cables. Per application guide, NaLA® cores are per cable. No ground or shielding through cores!
*Note 3 – On motors up to 10hp, two turns are needed through the CoolBLUE® cores (pass cable through cores twice).
Note 4 – It is important to use the correct number and type of cores.
Note 5 – For servo and DC motors, please call CoolBLUE® Engineering.
Note 6 – Install cores on load side of drive for typical motor applications. Cores may be installed on line side of VFD as well to reduce conductive and radiated emissions back to the power grid.
Note 7 – CoolBLUE® offers brackets, and cable ties to hold cores in place. Please call CoolBLUE® Engineering for alternative methods.